About Us

Ellis Funk is a law firm composed exclusively of experienced attorneys dedicated to one common guiding principle: our clients deserve to have their legal needs met on a cost efficient basis by attorneys with substantial experience and expertise.

Virtually all of Ellis Funk’s principals have practiced law in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area for more than thirty-five years.  Earlier in their careers, many of the principals practiced with larger firms whose business model was based on leveraging profits from work being performed by younger, less experienced attorneys. The primary responsibility of a partner in those firms was to attract new business and to delegate the actual performance of the legal work to associates.  Each of us at Ellis Funk decided that this bottom-heavy model, which tends to be inefficient and costly for the client, was not the way we wished to practice law. We have come to believe that practicing law in a smaller firm environment enables us to provide our clients with a higher level of service at a more reasonable cost.

Ellis Funk is committed to always providing to our clients “hands on” legal services by our principals who are highly dedicated and experienced. Clients almost always communicate directly with a principal of the firm, not with a junior partner or associate who does not possess the same level of experience or perspective. This enables us to combine practical advice and experience so that we can provide our clients with timely, valuable and results-oriented service.

Our Attorneys

We are committed to always providing to our clients “hands on” legal services by attorneys who are highly dedicated and experienced.