Restraining and Protective Orders/Family Violence

Safety concerns can become an issue in any domestic litigation. Upon the filing of a verified petition alleging that an act of family violence has occurred in the past and is likely to occur in the future, the Court has authority to enter a Temporary Protective Order. The Temporary Protective Order can provide relief including restraining the offending party from committing future acts of family violence or otherwise harassing or interfering with the Petitioner. If the Court finds that a Family Violence Petition is supported by evidence, a Temporary Protective Order is immediately entered and a hearing is scheduled shortly thereafter to determine whether the Protective Order should be extended or modified. The Protective Order may also provide provisions granting the Petitioner exclusive use and possession of the family residence and may award temporary custody and support to the Petitioner.

Sometimes a person may find himself or herself a victim of a false claim of family violence. In such case, the Court may dismiss the Temporary Protective Order.

Amy and Alyson can provide legal counsel and assistance in this difficult situation and have successfully obtained Restraining and Protective Orders as well as defended against such orders.

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