Property Division

Georgia is an equitable division of property state which generally means the property acquired between spouses during the marriage will be divided based on what is fair, which does not necessarily mean equally. The ‘fairness’ in dividing marital property in Georgia can be influences by a variety of circumstances, such as, the conduct of the parties, the separate estate of each party, and the contribution of each party to the marriage.

Marital Property is generally defined as property acquired during the marriage from the fruits of the parties’ labor, with a few exceptions. Property acquired prior to the marriage or by gift or inheritance which is kept separate is considered separate property and is typically not subject to the equitable division of property.

Amy and Alyson have the financial knowledge necessary to negotiate and litigate divorce cases involving complex issues such as the division of high net worth asset portfolios, business interests, stock options, and retirement assets such as pensions and 401(k) plans. When appropriate, Amy and Alyson will collaborate with financial experts to ensure their clients are receiving comprehensive advice on how to divide assets most effectively, taking into account the tax implications. Amy and Alyson frequently hire forensic accountants to locate assets or trace separate property, business evaluators, and accountants to assist on cases when necessary. Amy and Alyson can also add value in cases that are not as complex and have the ability to assist clients that have not traditionally been involved in the financial decisions during his or her marriage.

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