Mediation is a process that enables parties to resolve their domestic matter outside of the courtroom in what is often a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Most judges require mediation prior to allowing your case to proceed to trial. Parties and counsel typically attend mediation together with a neutral mediator. Mediation is an informal and confidential process. If an agreement is reached at mediation, the agreement will be enforceable. However, the mediator does not have authority to make a binding decision and are not allowed to testify in court.

Amy and Alyson frequently attend mediations with their clients and have a high success rate at resolving their cases in a manner that brings their clients cost effective and desired results.

Amy and Alyson also serve as the mediator in cases and assist both parties in reaching a resolution. Alyson is a Registered Mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and serves as the mediator in private mediations as well as court appointed mediations in Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Fulton County. Amy has extensive experience serving as a private mediator and also has served as an arbitrator and late case evaluator.

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