In Georgia, custody is decided based on the best interests of the children. The Judges have broad discretion in deciding the appropriate parenting time for each parent and the roles each parent will have in making important decisions for their children.

Amy and Alyson assist their clients in negotiating agreements to achieve custodial arrangements that are in their children’s best interest. Amy and Alyson collaborate with mental health professionals, when helpful to their clients, to receive both legal and therapeutic advice on parenting needs. Amy and Alyson use strong advocacy to achieve realistic parenting plans that work for their clients and their children.

If you cannot reach a resolution that protects your children’s best interest, the Judge will determine custody on a case-by-case basis. Amy and Alyson have frequently been appointed by Judges to investigate and make recommendations to the Court in contested custody matters. Serving as Guardians ad Litem allows Amy and Alyson to have a unique prospective on custody matters, and they have the experience necessary to advocate effectively to protect their client’s children’s best interest.

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