Cohabitation and Partnership Agreements

A Cohabitation and Partnership Agreement can be used to assist individuals and couples in domestic partnerships to strategically organize assets and finances. A partnership is similar to a marriage contract, in that it contractually connects two people by law and assists them set up a plan for the possibility of the couple separating in the future. In such agreements, individuals can detail their wishes about the management of their finances, property, children, and other important aspects of their lives.

Additionally, when a relationship comes to an end, there are several factors that will need to be addressed much like the issues in a divorce case. A Dissolution Agreement may be negotiated and drafted to deal with the issues of finances, property, and children.

Amy and Alyson can assist to draft enforceable Cohabitation and Partnership Agreements that protect our clients’ needs. Amy and Alyson can also assist their clients who need to dissolve their relationship and the issues that result therefrom, such as, the division of assets, debts and issues related to children.

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