During the course of growing your family through the surrogacy process, a skilled attorney is required to negotiate and draft the comprehensive agreements to specifically outline and determine the obligations of the intended parents (IPs) and the surrogate.

Additionally, the IPs who use a traditional surrogate or gestational carrier should have a court enter a Pre-birth Parentage Order (or PBO) during the pregnancy. The PBO makes the original contract binding so that when the baby is born, it is immediately the responsibility, in all manners, of the IPs. The PBO ensures that the baby legally belongs to the IPs and the order effectively relinquishes the surrogate’s rights to the baby that she carries upon the baby’s birth. The PBO requires the hospital and the Department of Health to enter the name of the IPs on the child’s birth certificate, so that the IPs are considered the child’s legal parent(s) at birth.

Depending on who Alyson is asked to represent, she is versed in this area so that she can represent either the intended parents or the surrogate.

Alyson is well aware that the laws governing assisted reproduction technology are constantly evolving, and so she is committed to keeping abreast of those changes in order to continuously and completely protect your family’s legal rights. Alyson’s contracts are highly detailed and carefully drafted to the unique circumstances of your family. Alyson understands that the surrogacy process can be both stressful and scary. Her compassion and expertise helps makes the process easier for all parties involved.

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